If you’ve lived or moved to a Southern region in the United States that often gets hit with storms, the first and most crucial home renovation you should be looking into is what you can do to protect your home from a hurricane. Hurricane and decorative shutters, for instance, are an excellent way to secure your windows. While additionally adding charm and dimension to your home’s exterior.

Here are just a few reasons why these shutters make sense.

Hurricane Shutters are Durable To Last You Through Storms

When you first hear that a hurricane or major storm is approaching, you may want to run to your nearest supply store and board up your windows, but that may not be the best idea. Plywood could be torn away during high winds at the nails. Not to mention, if any strong projectiles are coming towards it, they could go through the barrier and break your window.

Hurricane and decorative shutters can last you through the storm. Don’t take a chance on your home’s security during a storm. Invest in a more reliable option than simple plywood.

Hurricane And Decorative Shutters Look Great From The Curb

Living in Florida, you see a lot of beautiful homes. However, the worst is when a home’s exterior is ruined by the hurricane protection they install. Accordion-style hurricane shutters and sliding shutters do a good job of keeping the winds out. Still, they do it at the cost of the home’s aesthetic appeal year-round. Hurricane and decorative shutters won’t sacrifice appearance for safety – they can handle doing both. Also, click here to learn about hurricane fabric.

Shutters Add Value To Your Home

Hurricane and decorative shutters are permanent features on the outside of your home. Buyers are looking for features that they won’t have to replace or perform maintenance on, and that already come with the property. Attributes, fortunately, hurricane and decorative shutters provide. So, they raise the value of your home overall.

A significant issue with accordion sliding hurricane shutters is whether they can open easily. If they’re having mechanical problems and they won’t close, you could be left with a vulnerable, weak spot in your house. You don’t want to end up feeling stuck when you only have minutes left before a storm hits.

Hurricane and decorative shutters are useful because they’re attached and working year-round on your house. They don’t have any complicated mechanical moving parts that need to be maintained to work correctly. So invest in these, and your real estate agent will thank you for it.

Potentially Save On Insurance And Energy Bills

It’s common for Florida homes to experience hurricane damage. So if you show your insurance company you’re taking preventative measures against storm damage, you could save on your homeowner’s insurance. Your insurance company doesn’t want to see your home damaged, and neither do you! And the savings don’t end there.

When you install hurricane shutters, you can control how much light you want to let in. The summer sun can be brutal, and providing your home with shade can make your house feel cooler. Therefore, you can run your AC less often or at a lower temperature. Not to mention when shutters are completely closed, they provide you with privacy from onlookers.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Storing Or Replacing Shutters

Hurricane protection can be costly if you’re running out whenever there’s a storm to purchase new materials. Even though it seems wasteful, this is a reality for many people who don’t have the space to store plywood only to break it out, maybe once a year, when needed.

Even hurricane fabric since it’s lightweight and easy to store can often be forgotten about if you’re just one person rushing to prepare for a storm. Luckily, hurricane and decorative shutters are always on the exterior of a home, so you don’t have to worry about storing them.

Make a decision that’s both smart for your home’s protection, design, and value by picking up some hurricane and decorative shutters today! Once you have them, you’ll know exactly why everyone is always raving about how great they are.

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