The chaos surrounding the Corona Virus pandemic is sending communities into survival mode. Many are liquidating their assets and saving money wherever possible. Life’s luxuries are no longer in the budget. Hurricane protection, however, is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. 

Proper hurricane protection is necessary for keeping you and your family safe, and there are economical ways to do it. Products like hurricane fabric and accordion shutters are both practical and affordable solutions. West Shore Construction has served the residents of Clearwater with affordable protection since 1985, and we don’t plan to stop now.

Why Is Hurricane Protection During a Pandemic So Important?

Spending money on hurricane protection may not be the first thing to come to mind amid a pandemic. Shouldn’t I be saving my money for a rainy day? Yes, but the rainy day we’re referring to is more literal than figurative. And it’s not just rain – it’s galeforce winds too. News of an incoming storm is scary. Add to that the stress of a rapidly spreading virus, and you have complete pandemonium. Relieve much of that avoidable stress by ensuring your home is adequately protected from the literal rainy day.

If you leave your home unprotected during a storm and require shelter, you’ll likely find yourself in a confined space with many others seeking protection. This is the last kind of arrangement you want to be in during a health pandemic. This type of situation is a breeding ground for germs and other nasty things. Not to mention you wouldn’t have a home to go back to when everything’s over. 

Economic Hurricane Protection Products

You don’t have to break the bank for hurricane protection! There are affordable solutions that will keep your home free from damage, and that damage putting you at risk of the pandemic. Hurricane fabric, for example, is an exceptionally robust material designed to keep your windows and doors safe during hurricanes.

It acts similarly to a trampoline by absorbing the impact of flying debris and forcing it away from your home. The fabric is impact tested and approved. Hurricane fabric is lightweight and removable, so you won’t need to keep it deployed year-round. Deployment is simple, and only requires one person to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Accordion shutters are another affordable option for protection. They are made of sturdy aluminum and guaranteed to protect you during a storm. Accordion shutters can attach to the top of your windows or the sides. They also offer extra security for your home since they can be locked.

What Is A Pandemic?

A pandemic describes when sickness spreads across the world beyond expectations, and there’s no cure for it. This is an overwhelming reality. Staying calm and avoiding situations that put you at risk of falling ill is critical.

A few tips on staying healthy are

  • Wash hands consistently
  • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Generally, try to avoid big groups of people or social events
  • If you feel unwell STAY HOME

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Hurricane protection is even more critical now than it was before the pandemic. Protect your home affordably by securing your windows and other openings with hurricane fabric or accordion shutters.

Stay safe and healthy with West Shore Constructions hurricane protection products. Give us a call at 727-488-8182 or contact us online for any other questions you may have. Or if you’re interested in any of our other products, including Bahama and colonial shutters.