Hurricane season is not the right time to experiment with new ways to protect your Sarasota home. Impact windows are a trusted method of protection all over areas that are at high risk for storm damage. Skip the myths and go right to the tested products to keep your house and family safe.

Impact Windows

Impact windows provide the ultimate form of safety for homes in Sarasota. These panes, also called hurricane windows, are made from glass that has been bonded to an impact-resistant membrane. These frames  hold together if the glass is broken, protecting your house from dangerous shards and outside forces. One of the most beneficial features of hurricane windows is that they require no work after initial installation. They function as normal windows while providing UV protection, sound-proofing, and full visibility year-round.

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is a durable and trusted product that keeps your house intact during terrible weather. Like Hurricane windows, this fabric withstands extreme weather. As an added bonus, hurricane fabric is custom made to fit open spaces of all sizes, including patios and lanais. However, unlike hurricane windows, it is not recommended to keep fabric up year-round in Sarasota. This method of boarding up requires at least one person to deploy and dismantle. It also requires storage outside of storm season.


Some people in Sarasota turn to taping their glass in an effort to keep panes intact and leave the poor weather outside. Tape seems like a cheap and simple alternative to hurricane windows, but it can actually have a disastrous effect. Tape will not stop breakage, but create larger pieces of broken glass. These large chunks are more dangerous than the small shards that would occur with no protection at all. Though they come with a bigger price tag, impact windows do not pose these risks and give homeowners peace of mind.

Drywall to protect Sarasota Homes

When plywood sells out at home improvement stores, many turn to drywall. While drywall will provide better protection than pieces of tape, it still does not compare to the safety that impact windows offer. Major Hurricanes, Category 3 and above, could produce winds that send debris and other objects whipping through the air like projectiles, breaking through drywall and providing an opening into your house. Also, too much water causes drywall to crumble, which would leave your house vulnerable to the effects of storms.

West Shore Construction

When it comes to the protection of your home and family, do not trust cheap myths. West Shore Construction specializes in installing impact windows throughout Sarasota. With over 3 decades of experience in the construction industry, we guarantee high-quality work at affordable prices. Hurricane windows are not our only focus. In addition to weather protection, we offer kitchen, bathroom, and whole-house renovation as well as residential and commercial painting services. To learn more about what we can do for your living space, visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.