The cost of hurricane windows should never deter property owners from adequately investing in the safety of their building. While you may be expecting prices to be a dozen times higher, hurricane glass is sometimes only four times as much.

When you consider the damage a storm can cause, the advantages quickly begin to pile up. For one, water damage can cause much more harm than peeling paint or mold. Panes can fail in the middle of a storm leaving part of your home exposed to the rain. Flooding can damage wiring and short circuit expensive technology. Simply drying out large areas of a home can quickly reach a couple of thousand dollars.

Storm resistant panes also have advantages like:

  • Sound reduction
  • Simplifies storm protection
  • Longer-lasting panes
  • Increase Your Homes Value And Save On Insurance

Sound Reduction

A benefit that many are unaware of when it comes to hurricane windows is their sound reduction. It can become unbearably loud during a violent storm. Debris hitting your house, cars, or windows can create stressful sounds as glass breaks or struggles to withstand the winds.

The cost of hurricane windows comes with the benefit of reducing exterior sounds. Even outside of a storm, the panes can reduce everyday noise pollution and provide a quieter home.

Simplifies Hurricane Protection

Rather than installing heavy metal covers, homes with resistant glass are safe during most storms. Fast-forming storms and tornadoes can come without notice and leave you little time to install protection. Cumbersome metal covers can also be challenging to install and store. The cost of hurricane windows comes with the benefit of having protection year-round.

The Cost of Hurricane Windows = Longer-Lasting Windows

Panes without exterior barriers are at risk of shattering after storms for seemingly no reason. However, if you could place a microscope on the glass, then you would see small fractures forming. The shaking of the glass within its frame can quickly weaken the entire structure leading to a spontaneous shattering.

Storm resistant panes in hurricane windows forgo tradition glass and are more akin to those in vehicles. The panes will never break into thousands of tiny bits due to impact or stress from heat and microfractures. Special resin, polymer, or other compounds protect the glass.

Increase Your Homes Value And Save On Insurance

Almost any hurricane protection, including storm shutters, will save you on insurance premiums. Storm damage is something your insurance company is very familiar with. You could end up getting deals if you’re taking the properly preventing damage on your own.

Not to mention, if you’re considering selling your home, the windows could increase your value as well as drop costs on our energy bills! The savings definitely end up outweighing the cost of hurricane windows when it really comes down to it. So if you’re still questioning if the price is worth it, the answer is yes. 

Protect Your Home with West Shore Construction Today

Homeowners can take a proactive approach to protect their home rather than dealing with the potential fallout and property loss. The cost of hurricane windows is minor when compared with the benefits. You can contact West Shore Construction today by going online or at (727) 488-8182 to learn more and take advantage of our other services like kitchen remodeling, or if you’re a shutters person and need help choosing the right shutters for you.

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