Protecting your home or commercial property can mean investing in lots of renovations and repairs in preparation for storms in Sarasota. However, homeowners can avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of potential damage merely by upgrading to hurricane windows. Throughout the years, injury and property damage from glass has become a significant issue. Hurricane-prone states like Florida spends millions each year on repairing damages from recent storms.

Rather than dealing with insurance companies and expensive repairs, you can instead ensure you are always protected. Unlike average panes, storm proof glass can withstand high-speed winds without popping out their frame or spontaneously breaking. While you may think that glass damage costs are minor, it can actually cost thousands to replace throughout the years. Flying can also result in significant injuries. Even thick glass, like those in sliding doors, are not nearly as impact resistant as hurricane windows.

What are Hurricane Windows Made Of?

Depending on the type of glass, panes that offer storm resistance can come in two different types:

  • Laminated
  • Tempered

Tempered glass by itself is not strong enough to withstand high-speed winds and debris but is still stronger than average panes. They are more akin to what you would see used for sliding glass doors. While it can shatter into pieces, they will be pebble like and not sharp. Laminated means that it has some type of plastic in-between layers of glass that protects against it shattering into bits. While the pane may crack, it should mostly hold together lowering the risk of injury from fallen glass. Laminated windows can withstand impacts without cracking.

How Hurricane Windows differ from Normal Glass

The most noticeable difference between standard panes and hurricane windows is the resistance to scratches and fractures. Micro-fractures in standard panes can build up pressure during hot days and cause the glass to shatter into sharp pieces. Small debris can also easily pierce weak panes. Sarasota businesses and homes can avoid potential damages and costly replacements by investing in shatterproof glass instead.

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