One of the most significant benefits of roll down screens for lanais is the control you have over your view. If you decide you want to see the clear sky or yard, minus the screen, simply roll it right back up. You don’t have to commit to the permanent look of a screen when you invest in roll shutters; it’s all automated so you can avoid the stress of deployment. A few other ways your roll down screens will benefit you are,


Roll down screens for lanais won’t give you complete privacy, but they block the view to some extent. So you can have peace of mind that your time spent at home can’t be directly observed by onlookers. Furthermore, they don’t completely block out light. You won’t be left in the dark when enjoying your screens, but they will provide you with shade. The shade cooling down your outside area by just a few degrees can make all the difference.

Insect defense

Living in Florida, we understand how brutal the mosquitoes can get in the summer months, and no one enjoys putting on bug spray. Even more so if you have smaller children, you don’t want them putting hands with repellent on them in their mouth. Luckily, mosquito and other pests become a problem of the past when you install screens. Itch less and play more this summer when you put a roll down screen in your lanai.

Hurricane protection

Roll down hurricane screens go through large missile impact testing to ensure their durability through a storm. It’s necessary to protect your windows during a storm because if they break, you could potentially face serious damage. If the hurricane is severe enough, the winds are unforgiving. Flying debris poses a serious threat to your home. Be safer than sorry during this hurricane season.

Should I Only Install Roll Down Screens For Lanais?

The answer is no! Roll down screens are perfect for any larger area you want to upgrade. Install into patios, porches, balconies, even garage doors. Essentially any large area will work, and you will feel amazing relaxing in your enhanced space.

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