Living in areas prone to storms means having to deal with high-speed winds that can tear apart weak exterior shutters. Individuals may decide on non-functioning aesthetic shutters, but many vinyl products are not strong enough to shield hurricane winds. West Shore Construction makes it simple by providing you with high-quality hurricane shutters that can withstand winds throughout Tampa Bay.

While you may be asking if it is worth upgrading or investing in exterior shutters, it is essential to take into account the growing frequency of storms and violent winds.
Researchers have found that ocean temperatures are warming enough to increase potential storm.

Other high-speed winds from tropical depressions can also turn debris into projectiles that can lodge themselves into cheap shutters. With the right structure and design, you can avoid damage to your home or property without overspending.

Besides the financial benefits and preventing damage, you can rely on hurricane shutters for:

  • Ease of use
  • Great-looking designs
  • High-quality paint finishes
  • many year long benefits

Hurricane Shutters & Their Ease of Use

If you rely on sizeable removable metal covers, then deploying them to protect your home from hurricane winds can be difficult. Many commercial properties rely on massive covers that are heavy, difficult to install, and difficult to remove afterward. Colonial type hurricane shutters from West Shore Construction are much simpler to use and employ a unified frame design. With a unified frame made from aluminum, users have to worry less about repairs and damage. Aluminum Is very durable and can withstand both showers of rain and UV radiation without deteriorating as wooden shutters do.

Great-Looking Designs

Clients working with West Shore Construction can fit colonial style hurricane shutters for nearly every area, not just rectangular window frames. You can also order exterior blinds and frames to fit large arching frames. Your style and design will improve the aesthetics of your property while also providing safety from more than just hurricanes.

Hurricane shutter designs also protect against intruders as they can be locked to prevent individuals from opening them. Furthermore, your shutters will offer you extra privacy. When your shutters are secured, you’re still able to see outside, but no one can see into your home.

High-Quality Paint Finishes

When it comes to finding the right color, you can take advantage of a variety of standard and custom colors. Paint on aluminum also tends to last longer with proper treatment. Even the most durable wood or composite materials can suffer from water damage or microorganism growth. Our hurricane shutters afford homeowners the best in design and functionality. We have close to 200 different colors to match your homes style and design.

Receive Discounts On Your Home Owners Insurance

When you install efficient hurricane protection, you can potentially save 8-10% on insurance premiums. Once you install shutters, a wind mitigation inspection must be performed. At West Shore construction, we will actually pay for your inspection. Suppose your home is durable enough with the shutters to significantly decrease the chance of storm damage. In that case, you’re qualified for savings. 

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You Can Potentially Save 8-10% on Insurance Premiums

Bahama and Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters permanently attach to the sides of your windows and influence a classic aesthetic. Whereas Bahama shutters attach to the top of your window, deploying upwards to give your windows an island feel. One of these shutters’ many benefits is that they don’t require any extra storage space because you don’t have to take them back down.

Not to mention they’re easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do to keep your shutters in good condition is a wash with soap and water and don’t let them sit without movement for too long. Remember when you’re cleaning your shutters to use soft brushes and no harsh chemicals as they will wear and damage the aluminum. 

Improve and Protect Your Home Today

If you are looking to shutter hurricane winds out and improve your home, then West Shore construction has the experience to help you. Clients can also take advantage of various other home improvement options like kitchen remodeling, LED lighting, and painting services. You can go online or call (727) 488-8182 today to learn more and begin planning. Visit us on Facebook.