The best hurricane protection comes in many different forms at many different price points – so how do you decide on the best hurricane protection for your home and with your budget? We’ve compiled a thorough price guide below to help you navigate your options and decide on the right protection for your home.

I need a budget-friendly solution:

You know your home needs the best hurricane protection, but you’re not currently in a position to make a significant investment. Not to worry, you have options for protecting your home and loved ones against inclement weather.

Plywood | Westshore Construction


This is the most economical solution available. If you’re in a pinch, you can source plywood sheets for just $1 per square foot and secure them over your windows and doors. This is often a temporary solution as it requires time, strength, and assistance to deploy before an impending storm. We’d recommend plywood as a last resort as it’s the least effective form of protection, and anchors are more likely to fail. It’s also worth considering the fact that plywood requires storage when not in use, and it does not provide you with eligibility for a discount on your insurance.

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Corrugated Metal Panels | Westshore Construction

Corrugated metal panels

An alternative solution to plywood if you’re on a budget as they only cost $12 to $16 a square foot. Like plywood, this form of hurricane protection requires time, strength, skill, and warning of an impending storm to deploy. It also requires storage space. However, unlike plywood, corrugated metal panels provide excellent protection during storms and may even allow you to receive a discount on your insurance policy.

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Hurricane Fabric | Tampa Bay

Hurricane fabric

Maybe the best hurricane protection for you if you’re on a budget. While this too requires time and effort to deploy, it offers a multitude of positive qualities. Most importantly, it’s a highly effective solution and is proven to provide excellent protection during storms. This lightweight option is attractive as it’s not visible unless deployed, and it requires minimal maintenance. Also, unlike corrugated metal panels and plywood, this option allows light into the house when deployed, which means you won’t be left in the dark if there’s a power failure. Best of all, it’s an economical solution, costing just $12 to $16 a square foot and will make your home eligible for a discount on insurance policies.

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I can invest $40 to $60 per square foot of protection:

If you’re able and willing to spend $40 to $60 per square foot, there are a variety of appealing shutter options that will provide your home with the best hurricane protection. While all shutter options require deployment, the process is much easier and less time consuming than the budget-friendly alternatives. All shutter options provide excellent protection during storms and will help you save on your insurance policy. There are, however, a few notable differences between roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama impact hurricane shutters, and colonial impact hurricane shutters.

Both roll-down shutters and accordion shutters are easy to deploy with the flip of a switch. Still, because they’re operated mechanically, they require routine maintenance and annual servicing to remain operable. These options will block light from entering your home in the event of a power outage and may also detract from the appearance of your home.

Bahama & Colonial Impact Shutters

Alternatively, Bahama impact hurricane shutters and colonial impact hurricane shutters can enhance the appearance of your home as they can add a unique element and a charming contrast to your exterior facade. Both also offer excellent hurricane protection and security and won’t darken the inside of your home when deployed if the power fails. Bahama impact hurricane shutters can even help save energy by cutting down on solar radiation during normal use.

I have the budget to invest in the best:

Impact Windows | Clearwater | Westshore Construction

Impact Glass

If you’re prepared to invest in the best hurricane protection money can buy, then we recommend installing impact glass windows and sliding glass doors. While this is the most expensive form of protection to install and replace, the many notable benefits make this an attractive solution. First and foremost, impact glass windows and sliding glass doors provide premium, heavy-duty protection, and security against both crime and weather. This is also the only hurricane protection offering that is always deployed and requires no storm preparation. This feature is especially appealing to those who split their time between two homes or travel frequently. Best of all, this is the only solution that doesn’t look like hurricane protection and allows light in and a view out if the power fails.

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Whatever your investment budget may be, there’s a solution available to help keep your home and family safe in the event of a hurricane or inclement weather. Don’t wait to secure the protection you need. Fill out the form above or Call West Shore Construction at 727-488-8182