Yes, plywood was a quick and cheap solution when severe weather hit Clearwater. Still, hurricane shutters take much of the worry away. In just a few moments, aluminum panes go from decorative louvers to the ultimate storm defense. These panels give home and business owners peace of mind and time to focus on the safety of their families.

The Effects of Severe Storms

Those in Clearwater know that hurricanes are no joke. When a tropical cyclone’s speed reaches 74 mph, it becomes a Category-1. This title comes with many types of severe weather, all of which adding to the negative reputation of hurricanes. Without proper preparation, the force of this cyclone can take the roof off of a home.

The most common occurrences during this phenomenon include:

  • Heavy rains
  • High Winds
  • Storm Surges
  • Tornadoes
  • Flying debris
  • Flooding

Many people in Clearwater do not take these threats seriously because they have not seen the potential damage firsthand. However, without proper protection like hurricane shutters, these effects can turn into reality at any moment. High winds turn debris and patio furniture into projectiles, leaving unprotected windows vulnerable. If windows break, your home’s interior is likely to flood with heavy rains and face more flying objects. In addition, this imbalance of pressure could blow the roof right off of your home.

Common Methods of Protection Inadequate Compared to Hurricane Shutters 

To decrease the risk of damage inside Clearwater homes, people have come up with a variety of methods to board their windows.

Plywood is an inexpensive way to cover windows and keep the inside of your home untouched. However, this material requires physical labor and should not be kept up longer than necessary, as it restricts views. Plywood also is not strong enough to hold up in a storm. The strong winds could rip the wood right from the bolts. 

Storm panels are another common form of window protection and are a relatively inexpensive option. However, these panels require a lot of room for storage and are difficult to put up without assistance. They could have sharp edges and corners, so you don’t want to injure yourself. 

In a pinch, some residents of Clearwater tape their windows to keep them together. When an untapped pane of glass shattered, it breaks into millions of little shards. When a projectile hits a taped pane, the glass shatters into much larger and more dangerous shards. In this instance, no protection is better than tape.

While there are other options, hurricane shutters are one of the best ways to safeguard your home during storm season.

How Hurricane Shutters Make a Difference

Hurricane shutters are an excellent option for home and business owners throughout Clearwater. Unlike some other options, these blinds stay up year-round, functioning as both decorations and sunshades when the weather is clear. Once the winds pick up, these frames are easy to deploy by yourself.

The aluminum used to craft these frames is hurricane-rated, and many are Florida building-code approved. Once your hurricane shutters are secured, projectiles bounce off, reducing the threat to your home. Also, many companies offer their shades in a variety of colors to fit with houses of any style.

Bahama and Colonial Hurricane Shutters 

Both the Bahama and colonial-style shutters offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for hurricane protection. Furthermore, they both open and close, allowing for light control, but when latched shut act as a shield to protect your home. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, you can match your shutters perfectly to your Clearwater home. No extra storage space is necessary as both methods are permanently mounted to your home. 

West Shore Construction

With over 33 years of experience in the industry, West Shore Construction is a top contractor in the Clearwater area. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, residential and commercial painting, and more. Customer service and quality craft are our top priorities. Our hurricane shutters are crafted from extruded aluminum with welded corners for added strength. Our products come in Bahama and Colonial style with a variety of shades to match your style. For more information on our storm protection, visit us online or give us a call at (727) 488-8182Visit us on Facebook.