When it comes to the comfort of your business it should have the same standards as those in your home. Installing Gaposa motorized screens can give you just that with their top-of-the-line silent motors. Not only do these screens provide a breathable enclosure at the touch of a button but it also helps with UV protection and protect your home or business from storm damage. Furthermore, installing motorized screens prevents insects from interrupting your day and 24-hour outdoor access regardless of the weather.

Who Is Gaposa?

Gaposa is the brand name of an Italian manufacturing company founded in 1969. They export to more than 30 countries on all continents, providing stellar service and fantastic products. Over the years they have established a plethora of innovative patents producing reliable products with high-performance standards. Gapose manufacturing truly only accepts the best.

Available Gaposa Motorized Screen Products

As far as products go, this company offers many to give their customers the best solutions and most options possible. For instance, Gaposa has shutters, awnings, screens, blinds, and even garage doors available.

Customers looking to install Gaposa motorized screens in residential areas have the option of either projection screens or zip screens. Both of these products come with several additional electronics and safety precautions to increase their easy use characteristics.

For example, additional electronics for Gaposa motorized screens include control units, transmitters, sensors, and panels for group control. The company goes even further by keeping the well-being of both yourself and your belongings in mind with safety breaks included for all motorized screen purchases. In addition, they provide selectors and pushbuttons for every installation.

Available Gaposa Motors For Residential Screens

Gaposa has worked for years to provide only the best product for its customers. As time has gone on each new device has reached increasingly advanced levels with the intent to give customers the most luxurious experience possible. Currently, two different motors exist for Gaposa motorized screens.

The first is the silent Sileo and the second is the super-silent Sileo XS. Each piece of technology was particularly created and crafted for the projection screen market. Meaning, they give speed and silence a new definition. As all of Gaposa products are, both have been religiously tested for sound emissions on their production line. Consequently, there is a promise of swiftness and silence for all your motorized screen needs when purchasing from the renowned company of Gaposa.

The Promise Of Gaposa

Known as a leader in the silent motorization of screens, blinds, shades and more Gaposa motorized screens guarantee comfort. Being able to “pull the blinds down” without having to physically deal with the mess and tangled string can bring you much-needed peace of mind. Enjoy your movie, or an intimate conversation with your partner, all within the shade and cozy nature of UV protection screens at the touch of a button.

Gaposa provides shades, screens, awnings, and more not just for your home but for commercial entities as well. Some of the most significant projects of recent years include installations at company headquarters for IAC, the New York Times, and more. They have also provided their services for research buildings, hotels, universities, and numerous company office buildings.