A screened-in outdoor area can mean comfort for guests, and enjoying the outdoors with access to outdoor areas 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions. Commercial motorized screen applications include,

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Country clubs
  • and more

Motorized screens are a great addition to any business, and offer a quick return on investment. Call now if you would like to earn more revenue. Plus, can you really put a price on comfort for guests, and employees too? Pesky insects are a problem of the past, along with limitations from rain, heat, wind, or other weather-related problems.

Living in Florida, the weather is unpredictable, but it’s usually either hot or rainy or both. So if you’re a busy owner exhausted with the persistent complications the weather presents, you’re in good hands with West Shore Construction.

Commercial Motorized Screen Applications For Your Business

If you’re a hotel owner, motorized screens offer protection and comfort with the touch of a button. Guests staying at your hotel can enjoy the outdoor area in the morning without worrying about the conditions outside. During midday when the temperatures start to get uncomfortable, commercial screens offer a shaded place to escape from the sun.

Restaurant owners can also significantly benefit from a screened-in outdoor area. Customers aren’t hesitant to sit outside when there’s a nice area, because they know the bugs and heat won’t bother them. This opens up more seating, which can bring in more money. Furthermore, if your outdoor seating is a rather large area or even a couple of tables, you can still use it under any weather conditions.

So if there’s rain, your business can still function the same, and you aren’t losing any money. Even during the winter months, commercial screens can help keep guests warm through a protective wind barrier.

Motorized Screen Automation

To deploy your motorized screens there are three control options. With our Gaposa motors, there is a wall mount, a handheld remote, and an app called the RollApp. Which can be found in the Google play store or the Apple store. The automation for your commercial motorized screen application is completely up to preference. Although many business owners will choose the app for their screens.

Many choose the app because it proves to be the most convenient. If you forget to close screens you can do that from the app. There are no issues with misplacing a remote, and it offers access to your screens no matter where you are.

Efficient Installation And High-Quality Commercial Screens

Our team has vast experience installing commercial motorized screen applications for your business’s patio, deck, or terrace. You can expect professional yet friendly employees with an exceptional work ethic. The contractors here at West Shore Construction will work efficiently with close attention to detail.

Our products are crafted with the highest quality material and can truly stand the test of time. You can even choose between various fabric types that will best suit your business. An experienced contractor can talk with you so you have a better idea of what these screens offer and which will work best for you.

Commercial Motorized Screen Applications For Hurricane Protection

Weather limitations won’t just ruin a nice lunch at the restaurant, or a morning coffee for guests staying at your hotel. When a hurricane comes, the safety of your guests and your building is at risk. Some communities will have to recover from hurricane damage for years after the storm. So it’s not something to take lightly.

How Screens Will Prevent Damage

Hurricane screens for commercial buildings will prevent your space from receiving damage. When flying debris hits the screens, they will absorb the impact and “push” the object back out. Anything from tree limbs, outdoor furniture, or other things the storm may pick up.

It’s so important to protect windows because broken glass can be dangerous, and your belongings will experience water damage. But the real threat comes from the pressure of the storm. If it enters through just the windows it has nowhere to go, and if the storm is severe enough, the pressure can begin to lift the roof of your business causing irreversible damage.

Motorized commercial screen applications for hurricane protection ensure your windows stay intact during a storm. Not to mention they offer various other year-round benefits. Motorized screens just make sense.

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