When it comes to beautifying your outdoor space who better to trust than Westshore Construction for a dependable contractor with over 20 years in the industry? We bring your indoors outside with our stunning and user-friendly motorized pergolas to bring you backyard fun every day of the year. Servicing residents of Sarasota and Venice, Florida it is our mission to make this space your favorite room in the home.

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Motorized Pergolas for Your Backyard

Having the best motorized pergola installed in your outdoor space is truly an investment for your future. These strong, durable, and sometimes free-standing luxury pergolas provide extra space for family and friends to gather or to maybe even host events. They are customizable, built in the United States to your specific needs, and can cover almost any area, from a small deck, or a large patio, to an expansive pavilion. With flexible, retractable, waterproof fabric, and aluminum louvers options you simply can’t go wrong!

Benefits of Motorized Pergolas


We aren’t exaggerating when we say these pergolas are strong and able to firmly protect you from the wind. They’re tested to withstand up to Class 9 winds on the Beaufort scale which translates to speeds up to 41 to 45 miles per hour. In other words, your pergola isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

They also include a sleek rain management system with hidden integrated gutters that channel any form of moisture down to the ground. This combined with their inherent protection from harmful UV rays creates a truly memorable outdoor space.

Bringing Inside Out

These structures provide comfort and convenience for the outdoors, extending their usability far beyond the season. With them, you don’t have to put a pause on heartfelt memory-making because of weather like rain. You have the option of enclosing these structures with motorized screens, curtains, fabric combined with vinyl windows, or full clear vinyl sides. You can even opt for a screen with zippered side rails.

All these options provide 4 vital attributes for your outdoor enjoyment:

  • Shade
  • Decreased late-day glare
  • Mosquito and general insect blockage
  • Privacy


Every one of our motorized pergolas comes with different lighting options to extend the functionality of this backyard living space late into the evening hours. For instance, the strip lights we offer are low voltage, dimmable by remote, and available for length and with dimensions.

In addition, our spotlights are also dimmable by remote and are recessed into the cross rails of the structure. This provides a smooth, polished, and some might say very sophisticated look. Not only do these additions extend your hosting abilities into the twilight hours, but they emphasize the elegance of our polished frames.

Unobstructed Space and Motorized Operation

The motorized pergolas we offer come in a variety of standing structures including those comprised of multiple units without the need for additional supports. In other words, they can provide unlimited coverage areas for both homes and large venues.

Additionally, with the idea of ease in mind, you can control their function through an app on your phone and controls made to be compatible with most home automation systems.

Types Of Roofs For Motorized Pergolas

Automatic Pergola Roofs

Pergolas with retractable roofs are a great way to introduce retractable shade into your outdoor living space. As far as modes of motorized roof shade go ours are exceptionally silent and swift, the fabric roof sliding back without a squeak to be heard. When implemented the sliding waterproof cover leaves only the sleek power-coated aluminum or wooden frame visible for a modern aesthetic and desired sunshine.

Furthermore, for these motorized aluminum pergolas the roof attached is made up of cloth tensioned with gas pistons. In other words, it’s next to impossible for moisture to get in as the fabric is firmly anchored to the framework with no visible beams or support elements. Not only does this keep you nice and dry while still being able to enjoy the outdoors but it offers an elegant and contemporary design.

Pergolas With Louvered Roofs

These luxury louvered roof pergolas allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, while still being shaded from the sun’s rays. In other words, they offer a grandeur version of open-air life.

This structure has the option of being installed in three different configurations:

• Freestanding unit with 4 legs.
• Wall-mounted with 2 front legs.
• On top of an existing pergola or other suitable structure.

The blades of the pergola can run parallel or perpendicular depending on preference.

When you have a pergola with motorized louvers you also create the option of a waterproof seal over your head. In other words, each blade has a unique channel design with specialized gaskets for an air-tight seal. This means that even while opening or closing your louvers you won’t feel even a single drop of water on your head.

Furthermore, the louver controls can connect to a home automation system for instant operation. This means that even when you’re not home you can adjust them anywhere from 0 to 135 degrees. They also come with rain and wind sensors for a sense of security no matter where you are.

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