Most popular hurricane protection solutions are not compatible with historic homes in Florida. Providing mitigation for historic homes is incredibly important because of their historical value. The unfortunate reality is that you simply cannot replace anything if the structure fails during a hurricane. Hurricane fabric provides the perfect solution for owners of historic homes and other structures that want to maintain the home’s historic integrity while offering a means of security against storms.

Hurricane Fabric: Protecting Priceless Homes

The use of hurricane fabric provides one of the most robust available barriers to the wind, water intrusion, and airborne objects during storms. The best hurricane fabric meets the Miami-Dade County testing standards. The design of historic preservation laws and rules is to maintain the appearance of these buildings. Hurricane fabric complies with these standards.

How Hurricane Fabric Works

Hurricane fabric works by absorbing the impact of flying debris, almost like a trampoline. The material absorbs the pressure and essentially reflects it away from your home. So you have protection against winds from up to a category five hurricane. Additionally, all materials have gone through impact testing to further guarantee their durability. Hurricane fabric is strong, but it’s also extremely lightweight. You can easily carry in both of your hands enough material to cover an average-sized home. This makes storage and set up a breeze.

Visual Integrity

You will deploy this form of hurricane protection when a storm is approaching. You can remove it after the threat has passed. The visual integrity of the building is not compromised because hurricane fabric is not permanently installed. The specific type of anchor remains that does not impede the historic design of the structure, so you don’t have to compromise your home’s aesthetic. The primary reason that structures fail during hurricanes is that wind or flying objects breach it. Hurricane fabric remains the best hurricane protection solution for historic homes due to its temporary use and easy storage.


West Shore Construction will provide professional installation. We install hurricane fabric panels that are in accordance with the building code in your location. Furthermore, they’re custom-made to fit the openings of your historic homes. If you decide you want to install them yourself, we will provide you with instructions and cut everything to be installation-ready. Making the process easier for you. You can install hurricane fabric into many spaces of your home, including:

  • Lanais
  • Porches
  • Exterior doors
  • Garage doors

Enjoy An Economic Storm Solution

Hurricane fabric is an economically sound solution to protecting your home. However, the lower price does not compromise the quality of the product. Hurricane fabric meets the Miami Dade standards and has gone through multiple tests to ensure it’s strength.

Choose West Shore Construction to Protect Your Historic Home from Hurricanes

If you own a historic home in Florida cities such as Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, or Fort Myers, consider hurricane fabric to protect your building. Be sure to hire a Florida State Certified contractor to do the installation. Also, check local zoning requirements for historic preservation.

To schedule a consultation with a contractor about hurricane protection for historic homes in Florida, call West Shore Construction today at(727) 488-8182 or contact us online. We will make sure that your historic home or building is safe when storms roll through.

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