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Aluminum Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters are two of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing ways to protect your home from storm damage. Both styles have been used for centuries to protect window openings from storms and be used as a general security measure.

Aluminum Colonial shutters’ look is often intended as a design element for homes in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay. Check out our portfolio.

Architects and home designers add these Aluminum shutters for aesthetics, increasing the value of homes and safety reasons. The addition of window coverings can significantly improve the look of your home.

This is very different from the appearance accordion, and roll-down styles offer, which most homeowners believe detract from the home or business’s appearance.

Aluminum Colonial Hurricane Shutters Materials and Construction

The original traditional Bahama and Colonial shutters were built from wood, and although this was the material of choice at the time, wood requires continuing maintenance and is simply not as strong as aluminum.

Today, we build our Florida-made aluminum Colonial hurricane shutters from extruded aluminum. We attach the corners with mitered angles and then weld them together. Finally, we finish the welds, so the frame becomes one solid piece and they look similar to wood.

We manufacture our aluminum Colonial hurricane shutters in a way that creates an incredibly strong frame. The finish that we apply to the  shutters is a durable, tough, beautiful powder coat finish available in almost 200 different colors. Go to to see all the options.

This finish will stand up to the sun in a subtropical or tropical climate, and even in a coastal saltwater environment like Clearwater, Tampa, or St. Petersburg.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Simple Deployment

The operation and deployment of aluminum Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters are effortless. Because they are an architectural design element of your building, they remain in place year-round and look beautiful.

Not to mention, there are also very few moving parts, so when a storm approaches Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa, you simply close and secure them in place. One of the challenges with accordion and roll-down styles is the mechanisms are much more complicated. This means that you need to check them periodically and perform maintenance.

Therefore, when a storm approaches, they are fully functional. If you do not inspect and maintain them, you may find your roll-down, and accordion coverings malfunction when a hurricane is at your doorstep. Always make periodic checks to be sure they are in working order.

West Shore Construction’s Aluminum Bahama and Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Our aluminum Colonial hurricane shutters and aesthetic architectural Colonial shutters are custom-built to fit any opening. Furthermore, we can create a built-in style to fit arch-top windows and any number of other custom applications. They are available in many standard colors, and custom colors are available as well.

The versatility of our aluminum Colonial hurricane shutters extends to accommodating various architectural designs and window shapes. Whether you have standard openings or unique arch-top windows, our custom-built shutters are tailored to fit seamlessly, providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look to your property. The option to choose from a range of standard colors or request custom colors ensures that your shutters not only deliver reliable hurricane protection but also complement the overall design and color scheme of your home or business.

In addition to residential aluminum Colonial hurricane shutters, you will see our aluminum Bahama shutters on many commercial buildings in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and throughout the state of Florida.

The application of our aluminum Bahama shutters extends beyond residential settings, making them a popular choice for commercial buildings across Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the entire state of Florida. These shutters not only enhance the visual appeal of commercial properties but also provide an additional layer of security and hurricane protection. The durable construction of our shutters ensures that they stand up to the demands of both residential and commercial environments, making them a versatile and trusted solution for a wide range of applications.

Protect Your Home In Style

While our aluminum colonial shutters provide your home with protection, they also look great. There are many color options to choose from, allowing you to have complete creative freedom. Furthermore, these shutters offer a few different styles that will all influence the look of a classic colonial home. Installing colonial shutters will significantly boost your home’s exterior aesthetic and catch the eye of people passing by. Protect your home in style with a product that gives you year-round benefits and guaranteed deflection of any flying debris from storms.

The aesthetic appeal of our aluminum colonial shutters goes hand in hand with their protective features. With a wide range of color options available, you have the freedom to choose a palette that complements your home’s exterior and reflects your style. The variety of styles offered allows you to tailor the shutters to the architectural characteristics of a classic colonial home, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance. Beyond the practical benefits of protection, installing colonial shutters becomes a style statement. This enhances your home’s curb appeal and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who passes by.

In addition to their visual appeal, these shutters offer protection against the elements, ensuring your home remains secure. The year-round benefits extend beyond mere functionality, as the colonial shutters become an integral part of your home’s overall aesthetic. By choosing a product that combines style and security, you not only elevate the exterior of your home but also invest in a reliable defense system.

Benefits Of Aluminum Colonial & Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Shutters offer various benefits aside from aesthetic appeal and hurricane protection. Shutters can also provide,

  • Privacy 
  • Light regulation 
  • Insurance savings

When you invest in colonial shutters, you’re getting a lot more than just protection. Shutters can also provide your home with privacy. You’re able to see out, but nobody can look in when your shutters are closed. So if your curtains aren’t cutting it anymore, then shutters can provide you with an extra level of privacy. Furthermore, you can adjust shutters to allow for light control. This different shade can help cool down your home in the summer months. Running your AC on lower power could save you money as well as insurance discounts. You can save up to 10% on your homeowners discount, and we will even pay for your wind mitigation inspection. 

Privacy is a valuable aspect that colonial shutters bring to your home. When closed, they provide a shield from prying eyes while allowing you to enjoy the view outside. This added level of privacy is especially beneficial when standard curtains fall short. The ability to regulate light not only impacts your comfort but also plays a role in energy efficiency.

One notable advantage of investing in colonial shutters is the potential for insurance savings. Many insurance providers offer discounts for homeowners who have adequate storm protection measures in place. By installing colonial shutters, you may be eligible for a homeowners discount of up to 10%. To further support this, we go the extra mile by covering the cost of your wind mitigation inspection. This not only enhances the safety and aesthetics of your home but also leads to potential savings on insurance premiums.

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