Residential & Commercial Window ScreensBahama Screens protect your residential home or commercial building from hurricanes and potential intruders. These advanced Bahama screen products are where storm protection meets home security. Bahama Screens® are Miami-Dade County Approved.
NOA 22-0208.02

Here at West Shore Construction, we offer,

  • Residential/commercial window screens
  • Residential/commercial screen doors
  • Patio and balcony Bahama screen enclosures
  • Bahama screen shutters

You may be thinking, how will screens protect my property from storm debris and intruders? Well, Bahama screens can withstand 22,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and are puncture resistant. These products are exceptionally durable and crafted with strong aluminum and stainless steel mesh.

Window Bahama Screens

Our team installs window screens for residential and commercial properties. With our attention to detail, we understand that there are better ways to go than a one size fits all solution. Custom sizes are available to suit the needs of your unique home or commercial property. Installation is a breeze, and you could even install the screens yourself.

A strong aluminum constructed frame and stainless steel mesh work together to provide exceptional security and privacy. Our manufacturer’s certified testing shows a 90% UV reduction rate, which cools down your home resulting in energy savings of over 30%. Of course, without compromising your visibility to the outdoors. Window screens still offer 90% visibility, so you won’t be left feeling trapped in your home, especially if you heavily rely on natural lighting.

Bahama Screen Doors

Patio & Balcony Enclosures

Bahama screen doors are crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, making them one of the most robust doors on the market. But strength does not come at the cost of beauty. The doors maintain a beautiful design that will boost curb appeal while protecting your home.

Living in Florida, we have to be careful what kind of metal we put on the exterior of our homes. Bahama screen doors are maintenance free because they’re constructed with noncorrosive metals that resist salty air and sea spray. All our Bahama screen product frames come in the standard colors of white and bronze. However, you’re more than welcome to choose a custom color to make the product more of your own.

Balcony And Patio Enclosures

Bahama screens are perfect for patios, balconies, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and the list goes on. Aside from storm protection and security, these screens provide insect control, child safety protection and are resistant to pet damage. Not only can Bahama screens keep animals and children in an enclosed area, but you don’t have to worry about something like a cat scratch damaging your investment.

Heavy duty aluminum frames and stainless steel mesh make Bahama screen enclosures the most durable option out there. Protection comes with ease considering Bahama screen enclosures are very easy to clean. Avoid pulling out the latter, and simply clean this product with a pressure washer if you see any unwanted debris.

Bahama Shutters

If you enjoy the outward opening design, Bahama screen shutters will be right up your alley. Adjustable telescoping arms allow you to prop open shutters. Virtually maintenance free, Bahama screen shutters are very easy to clean, and the non-corrosive metals mean you won’t have to deal with your hurricane and security protection rusting.

With fantastic security, energy savings, and storm protection advantages, these screen shutters are something every residential and commercial property could benefit from.

Everyone Has Something To Gain From Bahama Screens

HVP Window Screens

Break-ins are most common in warmer climates because people usually have their screen doors or windows open. With durable, puncture resistant screens protecting your home, no one is getting in. But intruders may not be the only thing you want to keep out. You may live near a golf course, and stray balls come a little close for comfort. Animals are also something you may want to keep out. In Florida, obviously, bears aren’t a problem, but maybe the neighborhood cats have been paying your screen door unwanted visits.

On the other hand, screens are beneficial for keeping children and pets inside. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen where children or pets fall from balconies. Durable Bahama screens can prevent these tragedies at home and commercial properties. Owning a business, liability can be a scary thing, and you want guests to stay protected while on your property.

Regarding storm protection, Bahama screens are built to withstand a category 5 hurricane. Your home or commercial property is protected from wind pressure and flying debris that can devastate residential and commercial properties.

Why West Shore Construction?

We don’t think these products are great; we know they’re superior to other security screens on the market. These products were tested, tested again, and then tested some more to ensure exceptional performance when it truly matters.

With our company in business for over 20 years, and our manufacturers crafting superior security products for over 30 years, this is the experience you can trust. The quality of our products speaks for itself, with installations for some pretty big companies, including Jack Daniels distillery, the Quakers Oats building, and Ohio State University.

If your home or commercial building requires protection from intruders, storm damage, or you’re looking to create a safer space for guests, call us at (727) 488-8182 or contact us online to get ahold of one of our trusted team members.