As residents of the Clearwater area, we know hurricanes are not a rare occurrence. It’s common during the hurricane season to put on the news and get word a storm is approaching. With motorized hurricane screens, protecting your home is one less worry to have during preparation.

Set up is a breeze, and these screens also provide year-long benefits, so you aren’t just making an investment that will help you a few months out of the year. West Shore Construction is proud to protect the Clearwater community and hopes you take proper precautions to keep your home and family safe.

Why Is Window Protection Necessary?

During the hurricane season, you typically see boarded-up windows. This may be okay for a temporary solution but is not adequate protection. Boarding up your windows has proven to be ineffective compared to actual hurricane protection products. Hurricane-force winds can do lethal damage to a community, and it’s important to stay prepared. For example, when a window breaks during a hurricane, unwanted water and debris could fly into your home, causing damage.

The real issue though is the pressure from the storm. When it enters your home through a broken window, it has nowhere to escape, this causes an uplift and will potentially rip the roof off of your home. If your home and family manage to make it through the storm with a broken window,  problems can still occur. 

Investing in hurricane-impact windows provides a proactive solution to the challenges posed by severe weather. While boarding up windows may offer a quick fix, it falls short of addressing the comprehensive protection needed during a hurricane. By choosing the durability of our hurricane windows, you not only fortify your home against the immediate dangers of a storm but also safeguard against the aftermath, ensuring the well-being of your home and loved ones.

What Are Motorized Hurricane Screens?

Motorized hurricane screens protect your windows from flying debris with a large missile-tested material. The screens are incredibly durable and provide the luxury of protecting your home with just the touch of a button. 

The convenience and efficiency of motorized hurricane screens extend beyond just storm protection. Their seamless integration into your home means you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, privacy, and energy efficiency at any time. With the ability to control the screens remotely, you have the power to customize your living environment with ease. Whether it’s for shading your home from the sun’s rays, maintaining privacy in the evenings, or simply adding an extra layer of security when you’re away, motorized hurricane screens offer a versatile and practical solution that aligns with the modern lifestyle of today’s homeowners.

They roll right back up, and you wouldn’t even know they were there. This discretion allows the aesthetic of your home to remain how it was before. Installation should be done by a professional, and the screens can be installed anywhere but are better for larger areas such as,

  • Lanai’s
  • Walkways
  • Carports
  • Storefronts
  • Large double doors
  • Sliding glass doors

Benefit All Year Long From Motorized Hurricane Screens

Motorized Hurricane Screens | Clearwater

Hurricane protection is not the only benefit of screens. Living in a wet area, mosquitoes are always a pest we are trying to control. Luckily, when you install hurricane screens, bugs are a problem of the past. So keep bugs out and some of that glaring Clearwater sun. Screens provide light control to give you shade but not completely black you out, one of the benefits of choosing roll-down screens instead of shutters.

This light control could also save you money on your electric bill. Your home will feel cooler, and you might not have to run the AC long. You can also save money on your homeowner’s insurance by protecting your home. You could end up saving 8-10% by installing motorized hurricane screens.

The financial benefits extend beyond the initial investment, offering practical and cost-effective solutions for homeowners. By reducing your reliance on air conditioning through light control, you not only create a more comfortable living environment but also contribute to long-term energy savings. Moreover, the potential reduction in homeowner’s insurance premiums serves as a compelling incentive to invest in motorized hurricane screens, making it not just a wise decision for storm protection but also a savvy financial investment for the overall well-being of your home.

Choose The Right Hurricane Protection For You

There are a plethora of hurricane protection products West Shore Construction offers. For example, we have

But how do you know what is right for you? Well, automated hurricane protection is usually beneficial to people who can’t move around easily or reach higher places. So if you’re trying to avoid lifting anything heavy or climbing on a ladder, then roll-down screens might be the best option for you. Hurricane shutters are also an excellent option for hurricane protection.

When considering the right choice for your home, it’s essential to evaluate your lifestyle and preferences. Roll-down screens offer the advantage of automation, providing a user-friendly solution that caters to convenience and accessibility. On the other hand, traditional hurricane shutters provide a time-tested and robust method of protection. Consulting with experts, like those at West Shore Construction, can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs, ensuring that your hurricane protection solution aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and provides the peace of mind you deserve.

There are a few different styles, including Bahama and Colonial-style shutters. They’re permanently attached to your home, and deployment is a breeze. Little maintenance is required to keep up with shutters as well. Hurricane fabric, however, is not permanent. To set up the fabric, you clip the material to the sides of the opening and take it down once the storm has passed.

Remember, it’s recommended to deploy your hurricane protection two days before the storm.


In conclusion, it’s essential to protect your home from storms, and motorized hurricane screens are an excellent way to do it. Not only will they protect your home, but they will benefit you all year long without compromising your home aesthetic. So you have insect protection and hurricane protection, and your screens will provide the area with shade. The Florida sun can be brutal, so just a few degrees can make an outside day much more enjoyable.

If screens aren’t the best option for your home, our team will assist you through the entire process. Even if you just need advice on color choices for shutters! 

Remember, it’s always better to be safer than sorry for your health, so stay protected this hurricane season.

Contact Us!

Contact West Shore Construction online or give us a call at 727-488-8182 for anymore more information. If you can’t decide on the product that’s best for you our staff is more than happy to talk with you and advise which option is best. Our team is committed to keeping the Clearwater community stays safe during storms. So whether you’re interested in protecting your home with hurricane windows, motorized hurricane screens, fabric, or shutters, you’re guaranteed a durable, long-lasting product that will keep you safe.

Also, contact us if you’re interested in any services regarding kitchen remodeling in the Clearwater area.

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