When you live in a region prone to hurricanes like Tampa Bay, investing in the strongest hurricane shutters is a necessity. 

Take Tampa Bay as an example. A side effect of calling this beautiful area home is the anxiety of a storm hitting without much notice. Fortunately, you can curb your worries by choosing resilient, easy-to-use shutters that protect your home. Safeguarding your property is the best way to provide peace of mind for yourself and your family.  

What are the strongest hurricane shutters?

Shutters can be made out of several different materials. You may see shutters made from wood or plywood. But, for the strongest hurricane shutters – you want aluminum.

Aluminum is a strong, durable, and long-lasting metal. Besides, it’s extremely easy to work with. That’s why companies like West Shore Construction can craft such elegant-looking hurricane shutters! 

Why aluminum?

In addition to its longevity, aluminum is resistant to corrosives. It is extremely unlikely to rust – which is essential for homeowners close to the sea. After all, we know that salty air is a surefire way to trigger rust! You can rest assured that your aluminum frames will not weaken.

Strong, attractive and functional hurricane defense

Now you’ve determined that aluminum shutters are your best form of protection. Now, let’s talk about the aesthetics. In a commercial property, we are happy to settle for strength. But, something all homeowners share is a desire for an attractive facade. We know that as well as the strongest hurricane shutters, you want ones to be proud of.

  • Bahama shutters – Bahama hurricane shutters whisk you right away to the tropics. Traditionally, this type of shutter was made from wood, but ours are crafted with aluminum. They are louvered so you can control how much light comes into your house. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of different colors.
  • Colonial shutters – an alternative option is our Colonial shutters. In the same vein as our Bahama shutters, they are constructed from aluminum and hinged outside the windows. Both are handsome and add a pleasing aesthetic to your facade. 
  • Accordion shutters – last but not least are our accordion shutters. These offer protection against high-velocity storms. When not in use, the shutters roll to the side to let light flood your home. As with the Bahama and Colonial shutter, a variety of colors are on offer. 

Strongest hurricane shutters

And now, you can go ahead and order the strongest hurricane shutters in town! All three aluminum shutters we’ve told you about will keep anything from forcibly entering your home. That includes even the highest category storms.

Next time you switch on the TV and see a storm looming, you can latch your shutters, sit back and ride it out. 

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If you’re interested in a different method, such as hurricane windows or motorized hurricane screens, we can also help.