Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling Contractor

West Shore can help you efficiently achieve your commercial remodeling and commercial build-out goals in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. Commercial remodeling is an excellent alternative to relocating your business because it can help you save a lot of time and money. We are fully capable of handling any size job, from a basic facelift of your current business to a complete reinvention of an old business facility.

Commercial Remodeling

We specialize in commercial remodeling jobs, including the modern call center and doctor’s office. We continue to expand our clientele base through the high quality of work we do and the great customer service we provide. All of the employees at West Shore are compliant with the current safety and health regulations and are safety trained and certified. We always maintain an orderly work environment to keep jobs organized, safe, and free of unnecessary debris.

Reasons To Consider A Remodel

Several reasons can cause someone to consider having a commercial remodeling job done. Whether the reason is due to

  • an expansion
  • modernizing an old workspace
  • creating an environmentally friendly space
  • a complete layout change

Benefits Of A Remodel

First impressions are important. So if a buyer, a customer, or even an investor looks at a newly done space, this initial impression could really benefit you in the long run. Don’t underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing environment. Depending on how you set things up, the look of a room influences the way someone will think in it. It’s even said wearing bright colors can make you subconsciously happier.

In addition to a great first impression, you could create a workspace that supports productivity. You can arrange desks and other things to accommodate the space better, but also to make things flow better.

Our Commercial Remodeling Process

We pride ourselves on providing a client-friendly process in every job we do. Our first step is to set up an initial meeting with our clients to gain an understanding of their needs. We then outline the scope of the project and submit a budget proposal. In order to clarify the objectives and goals, we set up a follow-up meeting, where we propose architectural drawings. We present our client with a final project quote to get their approval. Once our client has given us their approval, we then make sure that all permits are secured and begin the actual construction stage. To ensure our client’s complete satisfaction, we maintain constant communication with them. We do a walk through with our client before and after we complete the construction stage. When the project is finalized, we professionally clean the space for client occupancy.

Our Remodeling Services

  • room additions
  • renovations
  • new construction
  • complete structural altercations
  • demolitions
  • electrical work
  • flooring
  • interior painting and exterior painting
  • equipment installation

Whatever you need, West Shore construction can do. Whether you want to add something new or just fix up what you already have, we are proud to aid you with elite products and services.

Commercial Build Out and Tenant Build Out

Many office and retail buildings start with nothing more than a door and four walls. As for residential homes, the same basic principle applies. We are fully capable of transforming these empty spaces into ideal places of work and living. The commercial build-out and tenant build-out services we offer are customized to each job’s requirements and are always met on strict deadlines. If you are looking to divide or build out an office suite or room, West Shore can guarantee your satisfaction in any job. We can work with anyone who is looking to do a new or existing commercial build-out or tenant build-out. Either build-out we do is sure to provide you with more efficient use of space.

We have a solution in mind for any of your commercial remodelingcommercial build-out, and tenant builds out needs in Tampa, Florida, as well as Clearwater, St Pete, Brandon, Palm Harbor, Largo and throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our client-friendly process is sure to leave you satisfied with the high quality of work we do.