Replacement windows, as part of a home improvement plan, work wonders for homeowners in St. Pete and Clearwater. Switching out windows has several benefits that might be worth considering when ready to do renovations.

What are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are installed in preexisting openings. They are measured and ordered to fit the space just as well as the old glass. Installation is simple with these fixtures, as placement happens from inside the home without causing damage to interior walls or the exterior siding or finish.

What are the Benefits of New Glass for Clearwater Houses?

While new windows are required when the old glass breaks, there are other reasons to consider installing replacement windows in your home. Substituting the old for the new has several advantages that are well worth the cost of installation.

  • Energy savings. According to the Department of Energy, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” In June, July, and August, temperatures in the St. Pete and Clearwater areas regularly get into the 90s. It can be a burden on home cooling systems to maintain moderate indoor temperatures. With the right material, replacement windows can lead to lower electric bills.


  • Protection from UV rays. Replacement windows which are energy-efficient offer protection from the intense sunlight those in St. Pete and Clearwater become used to. In addition, some models also block up to 99% of UV rays. This sun protection is not only good for your skin but also retards fading of furniture and furnishings.


  • Hurricane protection. Choosing impact resistant windows can protect your home from broken glass and framing. Likewise, they repel flying debris, keeping your belongings, and loved ones safe.

New frames can give a boost to curb appeal, variety of use, and increased value if you decide to sell your Clearwater home.

Change up the style of your New Panes

Regardless of why you want replacement windows, it is vital you understand all your options. Not every style will fit in every opening, so discuss options with your St. Pete contractor. Styles include:

  • Double-hung: the most common option that allows air to flow from the top and/or bottom sash. This style also allows cleaning of both interior and exterior of the glass from inside the home.
  • Bay and Bow: form around nooks or sitting areas, a great way to enjoy the view from your Clearwater eating nook or St. Pete bedroom. Bay windows are comprised of 3 adjoining panes. Bow windows are four or more joined panes.
  • Sliding: these panes glide from one side to another and work well in large wall openings as well as patios and porches.
  • Casement: windows are hung on one side of the frame and open out to the other side. They crank to open which is a plus when reaching to open a sash is difficult.
  • Awning: aka top-hinged, crank outward from the bottom, and are great replacement windows for openings high up on a wall.

While the choice you make is partially dependent on the existing space, you do have a few options that can take your Clearwater home’s design to the next level.

Windows that Stand up to Severe Weather in St. Pete

One of the best reasons to invest in replacement windows in St. Pete and Clearwater is because installing new windows gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your house’s durability and integrity. As mentioned, hurricane windows offer extreme strength in the face of severe weather. Additionally, they can offer UV protection and energy efficiency.

Instead of worrying about boarding up your home when hurricane season begins, install replacement windows outside of storm season and rest comfortably knowing you are protected. Impact glass withstands extreme winds and the projectiles that often get caught up in these forces. You will be safe on the inside while the harsh Clearwater weather rages on the outside.

Additional methods of hurricane protection.

Although hurricane or impact resistant windows offer ease and convenience, there are other reliable approaches to protect your home against St. Pete tropical storms.


Hurricane shutters have a few style options and come in a variety of colors. They are typically made of extruded aluminum and stay up year-round as a functional decorative feature of your St. Pete home. If your replacement windows are not impact resistant, this is an excellent protection method. While shutters are easy to deploy when the weather hits, they sometimes come out of the storm with dings and scratches that may be unsightly.


Hurricane fabric works for a variety of surfaces and protects homes in Clearwater from winds over 150 mph. However, they do require some work to put up and takedown. In addition, you must find somewhere to store them during the offseason. Replacement windows made from impact glass require no work and no storage after installation. While hurricane fabric is beneficial for large areas like lanais and garage doors, they are not the best fit for every vulnerable spot around your home.


While plywood is the least costly up front, it is not the most durable nor is it the easiest to put up. Many people who opt for plywood in St. Pete and Clearwater spend a few hours boarding their homes up and often need help from others. This time and energy could be put into preparing indoors by securing valuables and getting supplies together. Although the price is an essential factor, your time has value too. Plywood also does not qualify for an insurance discount because it is not considered a hurricane protection product.

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