When you’re home remodeling, do not feel discouraged by a small bathroom. There is so much room for creativity and innovative tricks to make the room look larger. Our home remodeling contractors have a lot of experience transforming small rooms into functional, aesthetic masterpieces.

Some remodeling ideas that will be useful to open up a smaller room, and make the most out of your space, include,

  • A floating vanity
  • Pocket doors
  • Custom built-in storage
  • Glass shower doors
  • Creative lighting solutions
  • Large mirrors

The amount of space you have does not equate to having a “better” bathroom. Our contractors will offer creative solutions for making more storage space, and creating the illusion of a larger space with certain colors and lighting.

Floating Vanities

Not only do floating vanities look appealing, but they’re a great option for a smaller bathroom. Unlike traditional vanities, they take up less floor space, which offers a more spacious look. We can even custom-build a vanity that functions perfectly with your unique bathroom.

Our home remodeling contractors can install a floating vanity with built-in drawers, or other openings so you can store things like soaps, face washes, wipes, and other toiletries. But the underneath of your vanity can also be used for storage. You can place trash bins, scales, or other belongings underneath it as well.

Pocket Doors

When you’re remodeling a small bathroom each bit of space matters. With pocket doors, you don’t have to sacrifice any room because the doors slide back into pockets within the wall. When left open, these doors also create a nice flow from one room to the other.

The only downside to some pocket doors is they might not keep in noises and smells as well as conventional doors. Although, it may be worth it when you’re remodeling a smaller bathroom.

Home Remodeling A Small Bathroom With Custom Built-In Storage

Depending on your bathroom, our home remodeling contractors can install hidden cabinets directly into your walls. The only thing that would remain visible is the handle or knob of your choosing.

Hidden cabinets allow you to keep your belongings out of sight and just like floating vanities, they will make your space look less cluttered. A beautiful solution if you’re working against storage limitations.

Home Remodeling Ideas on a Budget | West Shore ConstructionHome Remodeling On A Budget

Remodeling your bathroom, and permitting regardless of its size is still a big deal. It can also get pretty expensive as little things add up.  Creating a detailed budget and having a solid plan is wise. But there are still some things you can do prior to and during your remodel, to save some money.

Here is a list of five great ideas to enhance your bathroom, and create the illusion of more space while working on a budget.

  1. Get creative with colors
  2. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need
  3. Avoid plastic shower curtains
  4. Put up artwork
  5. Bins and baskets are your best friend

The first thing you want to do is get rid of stuff you don’t need and don’t use. The last thing you need while trying to open up the space is unnecessary clutter. Plus, a good purge of unwanted belongings always feels refreshing.

Next, take advantage of how lighting and colors can manipulate the eye. Our home remodeling contractors will work closely with you to get a feel of your style aspirations for the bathroom. Then, we’ll suggest beautiful color combinations and lighting tricks that will transform your bathroom into something that appears completely new.

Decorating Your Small Bathroom With Art Work

When you buy artwork for your bathroom it’s best to only use art that is framed. The bathroom is a very moist environment, so you don’t want to run into any mold or mildew issues.

A great tip for artwork in the bathroom is hanging it up vertically. The wall space lower to the floor usually gets forgotten about, but every inch of space matters. This artwork can really kick up the design a notch, and depending on your style, can truly be the cherry on top for your bathroom remodel.

You can buy art from your local target, but thrift stores are also a great idea when working on a budget. There are many different kinds of paintings of all shapes and sizes available at reasonable prices.

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